treat yourself!


What happens when you’re told you can’t have something?  You want it more!  That’s why strict diets don’t work!  It’s too hard to be perfect 100% of the time!  We’re humans, we have cravings that if not fulfilled drive us crazy!

Say you’re following a strict diet and fall off the wagon by eating something you’re ”not” supposed to.  You feel guilty, then overindulge again…it’s a vicious cycle!  Instead, give yourself the green light to “moderately” indulge daily!  If you eat a diet made up of “real” food and consume mostly plant based meals you can budget for a little splurge!  Remember, moderation is key…I’m not saying go ahead and polish off a 42 oz. bag of M&M’s in one sitting!

My splurge food is dark chocolate.  I allow myself to have a few squares every day.  It satisfies my sweet tooth and keeps my cravings at bay.  I love making treats at home with raw cacao, but when I’m too busy I indulge in brands that don’t have all the “junk” such as Unreal Candy, Chocolove, and Dagoba.


If I’m craving something salty and crunchy I will make air popped popcorn with sea salt, rice crackers, crispy chickpeas or have a few handfuls of potato chips such as Terra Chips.

terra chips

Yes, that’s right…a Dietitian just told you to eat potato chips and chocolate!

What’s your splurge food?  Do you crave salty or sweet?