spring vegetable quinoa paella

Spring is in the air and soon asparagus will be shooting up through the ground, vines ripe with tomatoes and plants popping with peas!  Mix them into this Spring Vegetable Quinoa Paella for a nutritious and delicious meal!

Spring Vegetable Quinoa Paella ~vegan, gluten free~

 Oh quinoa, I just can’t quit you!  

I swapped out traditional paella rice with quinoa for a nutritional boost!  Then added chickpeas and almonds to make this meal a plant-based protein powerhouse!  Per serving it contains 14 grams of protein!

Asparagus, tomatoes, peas and peppers were the veggies of choice, but you could add in broccoli, zucchini, cauliflower or kale too!  Smoked paprika and saffron add flavor while fresh lemon juice lightens and brightens!

Spring Vegetable Quinoa Paella ~vegan, gluten free~

From start to finish, this recipe is done in under an hour making it an easy week-night family meal!  It serves 6, or can be saved for lunch the next day!

I created this recipe for my first contributing post on Real Housemoms, a blog I am super excited to be a part of!  Please visit Real Housemoms for the whole recipe!