dry skin brushing

Self-care is so important, especially during the stressful holiday season!

 Besides from eating a super healthy clean diet, another great way to take care of yourself is to dry skin brush.   Our skin is our largest organ and is a crucial part in eliminating the body of toxins, it’s also known as the “third kidney.”  Dry skin brushing circulates lymph fluid, increases energy, boosts our immune system and improves circulation.

Although I could not find scientific research done on the benefits of dry skin brushing, many have been using this technique for years.  There is no harm in skin brushing, quite the opposite!  It’s invigorating and has even been claimed to reduce cellulite!  You can usually find a dry skin brush at your local health food store.  Just make sure the brush is made with all natural bristles.  I try to dry skin brush at least three times per week and especially on days when I haven’t been very active.


How to Dry Skin Brush:

-Before you shower, start with the feet/ankles and work your way up the body using soft, circular movements.  Always brush inward towards the heart.  Use clockwise movements on the stomach.  Don’t rush, spend a solid five minutes or so to complete your whole body.

-When finished, take a shower.  Some recommend alternating between warm and cool water.

-If needed, moisturize after showering.  I use coconut oil blended with a few drops of pure lavender essential oil.


You’re giving so much to everyone else this holiday season, slow down and give yourself some love too!