overnight oats with a tropical twist

Porridge with berries (1)

Oats are a great way to get in a dose of whole grains but not many of us have the time in the morning to cook them!  I have a solution for you…Overnight Oats!  All you have to do is put raw oats in a bowl, add milk of your choice,  place them in the refrigerator and Voila; breakfast is waiting for you when you wake up!

We all have heard that oats are a “superfood” in protecting against heart disease and diabetes but what makes them so “super?” Credit is mostly due to a type of fiber called “beta-glucan.”  This little compound when consumed, binds to cholesterol in the digestive tract and prevents it from entering the bloodstream.  Beta-glucan also slows down the metabolism of glucose in the body, keeping blood sugar levels stable for most of the day.

There are many types of oats to choose from such as steel cut oats, rolled or old-fashioned oats, and instant or “quick” oats.  Steel cut oats are the least processed and contain the most fiber.  “Quick” or “Instant” oats are the most processed as they are precooked and dried for a faster cooking time.  They contain the least fiber and a minimal amount of nutrients.  Not to mention, they have a mushy texture! It’s best to avoid prepackaged oats as they usually contain high levels of added sugar and sodium.

Overnight Oats

Place desired amount of oats in a bowl or mason jar.  Pour milk of your choice (I used almond milk) over oats until oats are completely covered.  Cover and place in refrigerator overnight.  Add toppings and enjoy!  I added mango, banana, unsweetened coconut and maple syrup for a tropical twist!

 overnight oats with a tropical twist


Toasted walnuts, dates and molasses

Fresh figs and honey

Strawberries, blueberries and agave syrup

Sliced apples, cinnamon and raisins

Almond butter

~Add milk if desired~

overnight oats with a tropical twist