change your thoughts, change your health


Western medicine is slowly catching up to the notion of the Mind-Body Connection thanks to scientific research.  Healing the body of disease, aches/pains, fatigue and even weight loss is all dependent on the health of the mind.  You can follow a diet plan to the T but your body won’t let you lose weight…how can this be?

Toxic Thoughts = Toxic Body

The “energy” associated with toxic thoughts build up in the body over time, throwing the body out of balance.  Stress, anxiety, negative emotions actually have the ability to change the biochemistry of our cells.

I know this sounds a little wacky but hang in there with me….

When our biochemistry has gone awry, our hormones such as cortisol and serotonin can’t do their job properly which leads to unhealthy eating patterns, sleep disturbances and a highly acidic body…none of which aid in the body’s natural ability to heal and repair.  All of these are actually proven to cause inflammation, weight gain and ultimately disease in the body.

So…how do we fix this?

Start with the mind.

Create an awareness:

-How many times a day do you complain?

 (About anything such as the weather , about those around us, about ourselves.)

-How many times do you judge yourself against others?  How many times do you wish you had a different body, different job, different life?

Just notice how many times these “toxic” thoughts enter your mind, be aware of them and then “crowd them out” with positive thoughts.  Instead, think of someone you love, something you that makes you happy or simply be thankful you have air in your lungs!

Now, I know it would be a lot easier if we all lived in a Zen retreat but, we don’t!  We live in a fast-paced, plugged in world that doesn’t allow us the chance to stop and just be.   It takes years of mastery and meditation to silence the mind.  I’m not asking you to do that (more power to you if you do!)…I’m just asking you to notice these thoughts and make a conscious effort to push them out of your mind and replace them with positive ones.  With practice, you will do it naturally and negative emotions won’t hinder your mind and your body.

I challenge you to for one day, even for just one hour…stop complaining, stop the constant “mind-chatter,”  stop the self hate and give yourself a little more credit, a little more appreciation, a little more thanks for what IS going right.

 By freeing up the mind, the “happy” hormones will be able to do their job better, your energy levels will improve, you’ll make healthier decisions for your body to rest and repair!

“Whatever we put our attention on will grow stronger in our life.” – Maharishi Mahesh