green smoothie bowl

The more you drink green smoothies, the more you crave them…I swear!  I’ve heard it endless times from clients as well!  Something about the energy you receive from the chlorophyll, antioxidants, and vitamins keeps you coming back for more!

Have you ever tried eating a smoothie with a spoon?

Try it out today!

 Green smoothie bowls are more like a dessert then a smoothie.  You can take any smoothie recipe and transform it into a smoothie bowl by decreasing the liquid.  For a typical smoothie, I add 2 cups of liquid.  For a smoothie bowl, I decrease the liquid to 2/3 cup.  I also like to add avocado to create a more “dessert” like quality, similar to a mousse or pudding.

green smoothie bowl ~vegan, raw, gluten free~

Green Smoothie Bowl

2/3 cup water (or milk of your choice)

1/2 banana

1/2 avocado

2 cups baby spinach leaves

1/2 cup frozen mango (or fruit of your choice)

1 date, pitted

dash cinnamon

green smoothie bowl ~vegan, raw, gluten free~



bee pollen

goji berries

cacao nibs

sliced banana



hemp seeds

chocolate chips

sliced strawberries

-Blend and enjoy!

I used the “frozen dessert” setting on my vitamix, but any blender would do!

green smoothie bowl ~vegan, raw, gluten free~