why lemon water?

Fresh squeezed lemon juice into a cup of warm water…sounds simple enough, right?  It’s one of the best ways to start your day!

i feel refreshed just looking at it!

i feel refreshed just looking at it!

Water with lemon is super hydrating, detoxifying and neutralizing!  After “fasting” while you sleep, lemon water cleanses the body of toxins that your body worked so hard to get rid of during the night.  And, it provides you with a clean burst of energy…so long coffee!

If you’re chronically bloated or constipated, lemon water might just be your solution!  It provides natural enzymes that aid in digestion and elimination.  Lemon also has high levels of vitamin C, which boost immunity and antioxidants that have been proven to reduce swelling in the cells (no more puffy face!).

Use a half or a whole lemon and squeeze it into 16-32 ounces of room temperature water.  The water should have a “cloudy” appearance to it.  And, PLEASE don’t use the lemon juice from those little plastic lemon bottles found at the supermarket!  They usually contain preservatives…go for the fresh stuff!


Give your body a flush of hydrating lemon water today!  You’ll feel great!


coffee…the vicious cycle


Ugh…I did it again!  Hi my name is Crissy and I’m addicted to coffee.  I have always allowed myself to enjoy one cup in the morning however, somehow that second cup snuck into my afternoon routine, and it doesn’t want to budge!  Today I found myself absolutely dragging and needing that jolt of caffeine.

Every where we look there are studies showing that coffee is good for us one minute and horrible for us the next.  Yes, coffee has been found to improve mental function and prevent everything from Parkinson’s disease to cancer.  However, caffeine in excess does not constitute a healthy addition to any diet.

Cons: (the short list!)

-Increases the stress hormone cortisol leading to weight gain and inflammation (the root of all disease).

-Decreases our sensitivity to insulin, making it harder for our cells to use the sugar we consume.

-Disrupts serotonin leading to sleep disruption and promoting depression.

-Increases blood pressure, anxiety and heart palpitations.

-Decreases fertility especially in women.

-Leads to adrenal fatigue.

Bottom line:  Coffee is acidic and dehydrating.  It stresses the body, suppresses the immune system and decreases the body’s natural ability to detoxify.

So, today around 3 pm when I had to peel myself off of the floor to run after Noah I decided that this vicious cycle needed to end!  While I am still going to enjoy my one cup in the morning, I am going to fuel myself with pure, vibrant energy from whole foods instead of going for that second cup of jo.

What I did instead was made a green juice.  Technically not juice as I used my vitamix instead of the juicer.  Don’t have the time or capability to make a juice or smoothie?  Go for raw fruits or vegetables instead.  The energy from these foods will fuel you with a burst of enzymes.  Enzymes are only found in raw foods.  They are responsible for delivering nutrients (energy) to our cells as well as eliminating our cells of toxins.  Raw foods or green juices/smoothies also alkalize the body creating more vibrancy.  Plus, after downing a fruit salad or green juice/smoothie you are motivated to make better, healthier choices throughout the day!

This is the blend I made today but you can get creative and use whatever you have available!

energizing green juice

Energizing Green Machine

1 cup coconut water or filtered water

1/2 cucumber

4 stalks celery

handful of baby spinach

1 small gala apple

1/2 cup frozen pineapple

juice from 1 lemon

~I threw it all in a blender and mixed it up!  If you don’t have a high powered blender such as a vitamix you may end up with a chunky mess.  Experiment with your blender.  Most blenders could handle a lighter combo of frozen pineapple, baby spinach, cucumber and lemon, which would give you the same benefits~

What’s your favorite (healthy) afternoon pick me up?

coconut oil…yes or no?


I’ve been putting off writing this post because I suffered through biochemistry once and that’s enough for one lifetime!  However, I get asked constantly about coconut oil and I promised I would explain!

Coconut oil has been a hot topic lately.  Outrageous claims have been made that it will boost metabolism, accelerate weight loss, decrease inflammation, prevent Alzhiemer’s Disease and make you immune to the common cold.  Can this be true?  The jury is still out.  There is not enough scientific research to support these health claims, but the research has just begun and I for one am very excited to learn more about this “magical” oil!

Coconut oil has been labeled “dangerous” since the health claim was made that diets high in saturated fat are detrimental to heart health.  This is a contriversal topic that needs to be addressed in another post however, many doctors are taking a different stance on the actual cause of heart disease.  Many studies are being conducted that show saturated fat after all may not be the sole culprit of heart disease.  For years and years many cultures such as the Polynesians have consumed high quantities of coconut oil daily and do not have the incidence of heart disease that Americans have.

So, what DO we know about coconut oil?

Coconut oil is  a MCT (medium chain fatty acid).  Fatty acids are categorized by how many carbon atoms they  hold (short, medium or long).  Fatty acids are important sources of fuel, when broken down in the body they provide large quantities of ATP.  (Oh no, I went there…remember the Krebs cycle from Biochemistry 101???  Yes, it makes me want to bash my head against the wall too!)  ATP transports chemical energy within our cells for metabolism.  Our heart and skeletal muscles prefer fatty acids over carbohydrates as a source of energy.  The beautiful thing about MCTs or coconut oil is that unlike short and long chain triglycerides, MCTs travel from the GI tract directly to the liver and are instantly burned as fuel instead of stored as fat.  Most vegetable oils and animal fats are comprised of long chain fatty acids which are difficult to break down and are stored as fat.  This is where the weight loss and increased metabolism claims come into play.

Coconut oil is one of the only foods other than breast milk that contain Lauric Acid.  The body converts Lauric Acid into monolaurin, which is an antiviral, antibacterial and immunity booster.  Hence, the magical cure all health claims!

Studies show that coconut oil raises the good (HDL) cholesterol.  Sadly, it also raises the bad (LDL) cholesterol.  Research is inconclusive on whether or not coconut oil is good or bad for cholesterol levels.

Promising studies are presenting coconut oil or MCTs to be beneficial in the prevention and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.  Unfortunately, more research needs to be done before an accurate health claim can be made.

Bottom Line:

Our bodies need some saturated fat for the proper function of hormones and upkeep of cell membranes.  The USDA recommends that saturated fat should not exceed 10% of total fat calories.

Personally, I love using it!  I cook with it, I bake with it, I even add it to smoothies and my morning coffee or tea.  It provides me with “staying power”  and increased energy throughout the day.  However, this is coming from someone who gets very little saturated fat in my daily diet.  The problem is that the SAD (Standard American Diet) is comprised of mostly processed foods and high levels of unhealthy saturated fat.  A person who consumes the SAD would have no room in their diet for coconut oil.  It’s important to replace the less healthy saturated or trans fats with coconut oil.  THE KEY IS TO REPLACE, NOT ADD!

I hesitate to make a broad statement recommending coconut oil to all however, for most a small amount is safe to use.  The best type to use is virgin “cold-pressed” coconut oil. Stay away from foods that use hydrogenated coconut oil.

Coconut oil lends a subtle “nutty” flavor to foods and does not leave you with a heavy aftertaste as with other oils.  Make some room for it in your diet and try it out!

What’s your take on using coconut oil?