the newest member of our family!

On Sunday May 24th at 5:05AM we welcomed Rowan Mar Cavanaugh into the world!


He was born posterior or “sunny side up” which caused the delivery to be more strenuous, but I was lucky to have a quick and natural delivery!  It feels like he’s been a part of our little family all along.  Noah couldn’t make us more proud, he’s so loving, understanding and affectionate to his little brother.  A huge relief as I wasn’t sure how the whole transition from only child would be!


I’ve had a few hiccups in my health after delivery, but overall nothing serious and I feel beyond blessed!  We are so grateful for the outpouring of support from our family and friends, huge thank you’s to you all!

 I apologize for the lag time in returning messages and responding to comments, I promise I will get to them soon!