surprise, surprise…

Baby number two is on its way, due in May!


We are so happy to announce that our family of three will soon be four…five, counting Belly the pug :)

Noah is thrilled and is convinced it’s a girl, we shall soon find out!

This also explains my decline in blog posts over the past few months.  I couldn’t even look at food, forget about cooking it!  I can honestly say most of October was spent on the couch eating burnt toast and drinking lemonade, not very blog worthy!  By the 4th month I was able to eat meals again and now as I’m entering the 5th month I’m back to normal!  Well, a new normal…expanding belly and total exhaustion, but I will take it over the dreaded “all day” sickness from before!


 Luckily, I am back to craving healthy foods again!  (and the occasional sweet treat!)

I hope to share my favorite pregnancy recipes and nutrition tips with you on the rest of this 9 month adventure!