Summer BBQ Survival Guide

With the 4th of July right around the corner it makes for a long week of BBQs, picnics and pool parties!

Hot dogs, hamburgers and ice cream…oh my!  


Hypothetical Situation: Say you have 3 buffalo chicken wings for an appetizer, a cheeseburger, small bag of potato chips and 1 cup potato salad for dinner and a piece of cherry pie a la mode for dessert.

You would be consuming:

(drum roll please) 

1,651 calories

89 grams of fat

18 grams of saturated fat

3,815 grams of sodium

That’s just for one meal!!!

Instead: Opt for hummus and carrot sticks for an appetizer,  a black bean burger on a whole what bun, corn on the cob with butter, 2 cups salad with 2 tablespoons light balsamic salad dressing and 2 cups of watermelon for dessert.

You would be consuming:

637 calories (1,015 calories SAVED)

15 grams of fat (70 grams SAVED)

2 grams of saturated fat (16 grams SAVED)

781 grams of sodium (3,034 grams SAVED)


Follow these tips to prevent diet disaster!

1.  Fill up on veggies first – Nibble on carrot sticks and hummus instead of chicken wings and potato chips.

2.  Eat on smaller plates – Trick your mind into thinking you’re eating more by putting food on smaller plates.

3.  Make half your plate vegetables – A simple way to reduce your calorie and fat intake without feeling deprived!

4.  Sit down while you eat – Prevent mindless munching by sitting down, slowing eating and actually tasting your food!

5.  Skip the liquid calories – Sip on flavored seltzer water instead of a strawberry daiquiri and save yourself 300 calories!

6.  Choose fruit for dessert – Watermelon, cherries, strawberries, kiwi all so naturally sweet!  Or, share with a friend and have a smaller portion of dessert.

7.  Pass on the buns – Forget the white processed bread products and put your burger, chicken or veggie burger on salad instead!

8.  Bring a healthy dish -Worried there won’t be anything healthy to choose from?  Bring a dish of your healthy summer time favorites!

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